Lunch with Lilian in Montepulciano

by Natalia Music
Driving down south, away from the manicured vineyards around San Gimignano, where I’ve been living for the past 20 years, to one of my favorite towns in the whole of Italy – Montepulciano. There is something so very special about this place – breathtaking views, fewer tourists, the genuine hospitality of people who live around here – in the countryside between Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia – the land of unique wines of Noble origin. Simply unforgettable Montepulciano. I came here today to have lunch with Lilian Oliveira, the passionate Brazilian cook at Gattavecchi Cantine whom I’ve met a couple of weeks ago and could not resist the invitation to come and visit her Cantine and taste some great food, that I’ve heard so much about. The Gattavecchi Cantine lies just outside the city center, burrow under Santa Maria dei Servi church. It welcomes you with a pretty outdoor terrace, step inside and you are transported into a 12th century convent where you will find a large dining room upstairs and the wine cellar with what looks like an Etruscan tomb intriguingly and suggestively located directly below the altar end of the church. A very special place indeed...
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